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QUEST Project management provides organizations with a methodology to:
A Become more efficient and effective in accomplishing goals that cannot be handled well by
the traditional structure
B Manage high risk repetitive work
C Provide clients with multiple points of contact
D Provide guidance in accomplishing repetitive activities
E All of the above
QUEST Configuration (baseline) control monitors performance against the
A scope baseline
B original schedule
C original budget
D All of the above.
E None of the above.
QUEST A summary WBS is usually developed in the
A Conceptual phase
B implementation phase
C planning phase
D close-out phase
E All of the above phases
QUEST A project may be defined as _____
A an integrated approach to managing projects
B a coordinated undertaking of interrelated activities.
C a group of activities directed by a project manger over a life cycle
D an undertaking with a defined starting point and defined objectives
E All of the above.
QUEST Approval to proceed is normally made at the end of the _____ phase of a typical project.
A conceptual
B development
C implementation
D execution
E close-out
QUEST Lessons learned are most often based upon project historical records.Lessons learned can
be used to:
A See what mistakes others have made
B See how others have solved problems
C Predict trends,highlight problems and identify alternatives
D All of the above
E A and B only
QUEST A program can best be described as:
A A grouping of related activities which last two years or more
B The first major subdivision of a project
C A grouping of projects,similar in nature,which support a product or product line and
have no definable end point
D A product line
E Another name for a project
QUEST Ensuring that all work is both authorized and funded by contractual documentation is the
responsibility of:
A The project manager
B The functional manager
C The project sponsor
D The client
E All of the above
QUEST The project charter is a document designed to tell _____ exactly what the project
A The project manager
B The project office
C The project team
D The project sponsor
E Anyone associated with the project
QUEST Work authorization forms are needed in order to:
A Authorize line organizations to charge against the project
B Establish an audit trail
C Develop a structured methodology for release of funds
D All of the above
E A and C only
QUEST The scope baseline/project charter is prepared by the:
A Project manager
B Project manager and project office
C Project manager,project office and functional team
D Project manager,project office,functional team and project sponsor
E Project manager,project sponsor and customer/user
QUEST Typical characteristics of a work package include:
A Representation of units of work at a level where work is performed
B Clearly distinguishes one work package from all others assigned to a single functional
C Limits the work to be performed to relatively short periods of time
D All of the above
E A and B only
QUEST Problems can occur in properly defining a project because:
A Project goals may not be agreeable to all parties
B The plan was "too loose," thus allowing priorities to change
C Low turnover of project personnel
D Too much communication between the client and project personnel
E The project objectives were quantified
QUEST In preparing a good project definition,experienced project managers will:
A Concentrate mainly on the end product rather than costs or benefits.These come later.
B Realize that only the "tip of the iceberg" may be showing.As a project manager,you must
get beneath it.
C Understand that a project definition/plan is a dynamic rather than static tool,and thus
subject to change.
D Try to convert objectives into quantifiable terms.
E All of the above
QUEST Project life cycles provide a better means of measurement of progress and control.The
four phases of a project are conceptual development,_____,_____,and _____.
A Preliminary planning,detail planning,closeout
B Implementation,reporting,termination
C Development,implementation,termination
D Execution,reporting,finishing
E Implementation,termination,post-audit review
QUEST The contractual statement of work (CSOW)
A Must be the same as the proposal statement of work
B Does not identify reporting requirements
C Can be at a different level of detail (i.e.WBS level) than the proposal statement of work
D Identifies the contractor's organizational structure for the project
E All of the above
QUEST Which of the following can result in misinterpretation of the statement of work?
A Using imprecise language (i.e.nearly,approximately)
B Mixing tasks,specifications,special instructions and approvals
C No pattern,structure or chronological order
D Wide variation in the size of tasks or details of work
E All of the above
QUEST A project manager believes that modifying the scope of the project may provide added value
for the customer.The project manager should:
A Change the scope baseline
B Prepare a variance report
C Call a meeting of the configuration control board
D Change the project's objectives
E Postpone the modification until a separate enhancement project is funded after this
project is completed according to the original baseline
QUEST The document authorizing functional areas to charge against the project is the:
A Work authorization form
B Scope baseline
C Project charter
D Management plan
E Linear responsibility chart